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TPI Golf Physical Performance Screen

The TPI Golf Physical Performance Screen evaluates your strength, flexibility, balance, power, & coordination necessary for the golf swing. This is the same golf fitness screen used with Tour Pros around the world.

Golf Swing 3D Motion Analysis

3D motion analysis determines your golf swing efficiency- how well you transfer energy from your body to the club head. Since each golfer's swing is different, 3D analysis determines how well your swing works for you. Buckeye Performance Golf's 3D technology provides real-time feedback on your swing efficiency.

Buckeye Performance Golf uses K-Vest technology to determine your swing efficiency and tells you exactly what your body is doing throughout your swing. K-Vest also provides biofeedback training- train the proper movements for your swing and receive audible feedback when you are in the correct position. No more guessing if you're swinging how you're supposed to!

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Individual Golf Fitness Training

Individualized golf fitness training to address your specific strengths and weaknesses and help you meet your golf goals.

Group Golf Fitness Training

Train with your team, foursome, or another fellow golfer.

Systemic/Trigger Point Dry Needling

Dry needling involves inserting a small filament needle into a muscle to decrease painful spasm and/or improve muscle activation. Dry needling is a great modality to increase flexibility, decrease pain, and improve overall physical performance.

Physical Therapy

Dealing with pain or injury? Lindsay will perform a full-body movement evaluation to determine not only where your pain is but also the underlying dysfunctions causing that pain/injury. Lindsay will provide manual therapy, corrective exercises, and a comprehensive home exercise program to get you out of pain and back into your life and activities.