Understanding our golf fitness services

At Buckeye Performance Golf, we’re more than just a place to improve your golf swing. Our approach to golf and wellness is unique, and it has helped golfers of all ages make changes for the better. Below are some of the questions we most often get about our work.

I am interested in golf fitness. Where do I start?
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The Golf Physical Performance Assessment is the place to start. In this session, we perform a full-body comprehensive evaluation to determine your physical strengths and limitations, and explain how they relate to your golf swing. We will set goals and recommend the course of action that makes the most sense for you.

What options do you have for training, and how much does it cost?
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We offer several options for golf fitness training to best meet your needs:

  • One-on-one training: Fully customized training sessions with our golf fitness professional to teach and guide you through exercises to help you meet your goals and address your specific physical and golf needs.  ($75-125/session with packages available)
  • Group training: Small group sessions that work on strength, power, and flexibility with other motivated golfers. Group sessions are fun and a great way to meet other golfers and push each other to improve. Exercises can be modified as necessary for varying physical abilities. ($150 unlimited per month, with other packages available)
  • Remote training: Don’t live in Central Ohio or travel a lot? We can build you an exercise program that you practice on your own and update every 4-8 weeks. Additionally, virtual training sessions are available. (Varies; call for details)

I am 65 years old and am never going to look like Rory. Do I need golf fitness?
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Everyone can benefit from golf fitness training, but all exercises are customized to your goals and your physical abilities. Just because Rory deadlifts 300 pounds doesn’t mean you need to, or even that doing so will help your game. We will determine the best exercises and drills to meet your personal physical and golf goals.

I have lost distance in my game, and am consistently getting out-driven by my buddies off the tee. Can golf fitness training help?
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Golf fitness training is the BEST way to improve your clubhead speed. Teach your body how to move fast in the gym so that it can move fast with the golf club off the tee. Swinging a golf club over and over on the range will not make your clubhead speed faster. That said, determining whether you have underlying mobility or strength deficits allows us to properly incorporate speed training without risking injury.

I haven't worked out in decades, and I'm nervous to start any golf fitness training. Do I need to be worried about injury or soreness?
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Buckeye Performance Golf works with players of all ages and abilities. All exercise programs are customized to your abilities and goals. We don’t expect the workout for an 18-year-old to be the same as that for an 80-year-old (though it could be!), so we will adjust accordingly.

I think I just need some stretches. Can you give me some stretches to help my golf?
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Mobility work can be great for your golf game, but it’s rarely enough. People typically hate stretching because they don’t see lasting improvement. Why? Because your body will only move into a range where it is strong. So while stretches for golf are great, you also need to strengthen the muscles in that new range to get long-term benefit. We will develop a plan for  you to improve your mobility and get results that last.

I have back pain that limits me from playing golf. I have seen doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors, but I still have pain. How is Buckeye Performance Golf different?
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At Buckeye Performance Golf, we do a comprehensive analysis of your body and your swing to identify the root cause of your problem or pain. We understand the golf swing, and use video and 3D analysis of your swing to pinpoint pain-producing patterns and the ways to correct them. We work closely with your golf professional to find the best swing for your body.

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