Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Get Back in Golfing Condition with Our Tried & True Techniques

Dealing with pain or injury? Let our rehabilitation experts help you get back on the course pain-free. Having a Doctor of Physical Therapy on staff allows us to manage injuries, identify injury-inducing golf mechanics, and design workout regimens that take into account these physical roadblocks.

Physical Therapy & Rehab
*may include:
  • Evaluation - $180
  • Follow-up Treatment Sessions - $125/HR
  • Dry needling* - Contact for rates
  • Instrument-aided soft tissue mobilization* - Contact for rates
  • Cupping therapy* - Contact for rates
  • Golf-specific drills and exercises* - Contact for rates
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Golf Physical Therapy

At Buckeye Performance Golf, we are experts in movement as well as golf. We will determine how your swing may be contributing to injury or how your injury is affecting your swing. We will perform a full-body movement evaluation to determine not only where your pain is, but what underlying dysfunctions might be contributing to that pain. Based on your evaluation, we will provide an individualized plan of manual therapy, corrective exercises, and a comprehensive home exercise program to get you out of pain and back into your life and activities.

Dry Needling

Dry needling involves inserting a small filament needle into a muscle to decrease painful spasm and/or improve muscle activation. Dry needling is a great modality to increase flexibility, decrease pain, and improve overall physical performance. Dry needling has offered significant relief for those who suffer from:

  • 1
    Chronic low back pain
  • 2
    Neck pain
  • 3
  • 4
    Chronic muscle tightness

Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

IASTM uses tools to precisely detect and treat soft tissue injuries. The use of the metal instrument often allows for deeper penetration of tissues, bringing increased blood flow and healing to areas that are tight and painful. This “scraping” technique can be helpful for flexibility, pain, and general recovery.

Cupping Therapy

As opposed to most modalities that compress the skin, cupping lifts or distracts the tissue, which can be particularly helpful for tightness in muscles such as the back and legs. Cupping can also help stimulate your body’s natural healing process by improving vascularity and blood flow in the area.

Golf-specific Drills & Exercises

Don’t just do general exercises and hope your pain goes away. We will teach you golf physical therapy exercises and drills to address your specific physical and swing limitations to help prevent future re-injury. We will work with your golf professional to help you get the best, pain-free swing for you.

Get on the road to recovery today by booking a rehab session with us. You can schedule now, or contact us for more information.